Monthly Archives: October 2010

On the 3th of December I will fly with my friend Heroid to Ljubljana, Slovenia for Mozilla Balkans Meetup. To go there I will need a visa for that. Nowadays I am working on getting documents prepared and than go and apply asap.

They gave me a short list with things I need to have before applying, for two of them I will need to consult the embassy here in Prishtina, Kosovo again.

1. original guarantee letter (Waiting)

2. valid passport (Available)

3. photo in latest ICAO standard (Available)

4. old passport (Available)

5. copy of previous visas (First time though, don’t have it)

6. international commercial policy (Strange, don’t know what they mean. Consulting with embassy again.)

7. travellers checks and bank statement for last 3 months or card with which you can pay in Slovenia (Paying in cash, but will consult with embassy again.)

8. bill for tourist package (Waiting)

Mozilla Europe is covering our travel,hotel,food expenses which is nice from them and we are thankful for that. In near future we will start Mozilla Albanian Community as part of Mozilla Europe.