Monthly Archives: January 2011

I am planning to go in Brussels, Belgium on the 4th till 7th of February, 2011 for being a part of Fedora Project team as an Ambassador, expect that I am also interested to explore more because I’m also involved in other great projects like Mozilla, Drupal etc! at FOSDEM (conference), for that I need a Schengen Visa. I had my appointment today to apply but couldn’t go in time to apply because I didn’t have “the original” invitation paper which arrived 1 hour later. I have all documents ready including original invitation paper, plane ticket reservation, booked hotel, parental and school permit etc. I am applying at Belgian Embassy in Prishtina, Kosovo in my next appointment at 10:45 (GMT +01:00) this Thursday (27th). Chances are minimal to get it because I am late but If somebody can help me, it’ll be more than appreciated!

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