Lost data!

After long time not blogging, I am posting this blogpost for those who will have problems with lost data, a couple of hours ago I was trying to run a Windows game on GNU/Linux through Wine which I copied inside my External Western Digital HDD (It only works as NTFS file-system). Then trying to remove the dir after the copying the files did a typo with “rm -rf *” on Parent Directory removing everything including Documents and Movies.

After starting to panic and search across the web, a friend of mine reminded me TestDisk, a great free data recovery software under GPL which could do the work if I didn’t re-mount the device and then remove the “wanted-to-remove-before” directory where in that case basically overwrote it. I also tried with dd but still everything was gone 😦

So if you accidentally deleted everything on a NTFS-partitioned HARD-DRIVE theres still a great hope with TestDisk if you didn’t touch anything after, simply install TestDisk and follow the steps: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk:_undelete_file_for_NTFS

If you do so you are probably able to recover them. and I hope you’ll have a better luck than mine ^^.



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