I finally found you Xfce and I am not going to let you go!

  When I first installed Fedora 15 to try GNOME3 was fascinated by it’s look and differences from the older versions, I still like it but after a couple weeks using it started to work very slow and crashed many times, now finally decided to move to Xfce but not removing GNOME 3 because maybe one day I will come back but not until I upgrade my computer. Applications start very fast, don’t crash, it’s simpler and reminds me the ClearLooks of Gnome 2.6 from F13 and F14.

  1. ardian said:

    I moved to KDE, made everything classic also disabled the fancy effects, works really good kde 4.6 or 4.7 is very stable love it. The only thing that I don’t like in the XFCE version of Fedora is that it is classic (just like you like it) I am to lazy to tweak aroud themes.

    • I don’t like KDE and it’s Qt apps, One more reason for me to love Xfce is made with GTK+ same as GNOME which both use a lot of same libs and apps.

      • Other way for me. I like KDE.
        But XFCE is also pretty good.
        I did not try Fedora XFCE, but Mint XFCE (Debian based) is pretty good.

      • I tried KDE before but don’t like the style, Xfce reminds me Clearlooks and I have the speed and stability I want!

  2. kabamaru said:

    I’m running Gnome 3 on my Arch Linux machine, and I have to say I’m impressed with how lightweight and fast it is on my 7 years old pc, and how stable it is for a x.0 version. It consumes less RAM than my XFCE 4.8 desktop, has better default applications (gedit/mousepad, nautilus/thunar, gnome-terminal/xfce-terminal etc.). It has a very-very clean layout by default. It sure lacks some configurability options (which I think will come eventually without the need of 3rd party tweak tools) but the basic functionality is there and it’s solid-stable. The only thing that I find kind of useless is the ‘Applications’ button which presents you with dozens and dozens of apps icons. Everyone will simply use the search field, so a simple a-la-spotlight (mac os) approach would be better and cleaner.

    • I installed Xfce and kept GNOME 3 so I have all GNOME and Xfce apps on the current box. Xfce is way faster than GNOME 3 on F15 at me.

  3. Rezza said:

    Gtk/Qt are just libraries – users don’t have to care about it. Just switch style if you don’t like the default one.

    • Well, maybe another reason could be that I don’t like Qt apps!

  4. I keep getting logged out of xfce once I’ve gone idle and the screensaver shows. Has that happened to you?

    • Nope, when screensaver activates at me it doesn’t lock the screen and log out because I didn’t want like because at GNOME 3 when that happened my Network crashed for example when had torrents downloading after logging in the download always stopped. So I am staying like this.

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