Monthly Archives: August 2011

 After sent by Christoph Wrickert a couple weeks ago it finally made it through many customs and I am very happy that finally I am going to have my Polo to wear in events I present Fedora Project, together with mine also Ardian Haxha got one. (both ambassadors from Kosovo). I will also have the chance to wear it at FUDCon Milan this year.

I am really excited because this is going to be my first FUDCon (Fedora Users and Developers Conference), thanks to FUDCon’s Planning Team I got full sponsorship for my airfare and hotel room. The conference starts on the 30th of September this year until 2nd of October, it gathers Fedora Users and Contributors from around the world. This is also going to be a great chance for me to meet other contributors I met online over mailing lists or irc and even meeting again with the guys I met at FOSDEM this spring.

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