We finally got our Fedora 15 Media

After nearly two months I finally managed to get the Fedora Media (330 DVD’s) from our customs in Kosovo together with a expensive fee of 330.00EUR in total which I am waiting to get reimbursed in cash at FUDCon Milan because we are not being able to transfer money internationally to Kosovo’s banks. The reason why it was stuck in the customs is that we declared the package value of 330EUR, we had to pay 27.6% + shipping cost + freight forwarder.

Lessons I learned from the shipping regarding to the customs are that never forget to add a name above the address, the customs will consider it as the owner, in our case it was in FLOSSK’s name and FLOSSK wasn’t a registered to import packages and that took us time until we found the solution. The other thing is that always try to put a very low value so you won’t have to pay a lot for it, in Kosovo every package above 22 EUR is obligated to pay taxes to customs, with that comes together the shipping price and the freight forwarder.

In a nutshell next time we should prepare 2 weeks before asking for shipment, in order to get it safe,fast and cheap.

Thanks a lot to Joerg,Christoph and Fedora Project.

  1. Couldn’t you just label the packet as gift, as the Chinese do? They have free shipment almost everywhere (dealextreme.com for example)

    btw, are those DVD’s only the Gnome 3 version, or you have KDE spins also? … and are those DVD’s for sale, cause I would love to have one? :))

    • Unfortunately we didn’t label anything, even though they put a signed letter inside saying that the package is not for selling and nobody bought it. But still the package had a non-commercial value in case the package get lost, for reproducing later.

      • The great thing about these DVD’s is that they are Multi-Desktop which includes GNOME3,KDE,XFCE and LXDE. 150 of them of are Live DVD’s with Multi Desktop and 150 of them are Install DVD’s with Multi Desktop and extra software!

    • And they are for free as they were sent, mail me KIKA’s post address and I will try to send some of them and a couple of stickers! My email is gent@fedoraproject.org

      • Great 😀 Thanks! You can send me the DVD’s and stickers, I’ll bring them to KIKA, I’ll send you my address …

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